About the Hosts

Alan Blanco

Alan has loved space since his mom taught him about constellations at the tender age of five. Since then, he has always loved learning about stars, planets, and black holes. His scientific knowledge of space is limited to a few books he’s read and a few college courses on Astronomy. He went to undergrad at Boston University where he studied English Literature, Classical Civilizations, and Philosophy. He immediately then went on to complete law school in two years at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. His primary legal interests are Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Copyright, and the burgeoning Space Law field.

Kris Harris

Kris Harris is an artist and programmer who has been fascinated by science and technology from a young age. After graduating from Cal Arts in 2009 with a focus on graphic design & new media, Kris founded Improbable Sciences, a design agency and app publisher, and designed and developed several apps for Mac OS and iOS for clients, as well as a few apps published under the Improbable Sciences brand. Since co-founding Schmuck & Co in 2015, Kris wears all the hats — figuratively, and occasionally, literally — as a graphic designer, programmer/sysadmin, podcast host, streamer, and all-around nerd.


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