#22: Eminent Domain

Cards Against Humanity have brought the legal concept of eminent domain into the limelight in a very, shall we say, unique way. Alan walks us through what a person could do to challenge the government’s use of this powerful weapon. Who would have thought there were rules for taking someone’s property?


Show Notes

Cards Against Humanity bought a plot of land along the border and want to test the Government’s use of eminent domain

A walkthrough of a takings case, the big picture concept that covers eminent domain and more

History and analysis of eminent domain

Kelo v. City of New London, case that greatly expanded the power of Eminent Domain

Yale Law discusses the expansion to the eminent domain power and what legislatures can do to ensure a state treats its people fairly

A person who wins an eminent domain case usually just wins more money, not their property

Eminent Domain is a very powerful weapon and can have long and devastating effects

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