#1: Fake Dutch Moon Rocks / U.S. v One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material

J. William Middendorf, US ambassador to the Netherlands in 1969, presented a “Goodwill Rock” to then Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees. Turns out that it may have been no moon rock…We examine the authenticity of this relic and how it fooled the scientist who placed it in a museum. We then talk about a case involving military leaders, refrigerated trucks, and a sting operation. It turns out many countries have a habit of losing moon rocks for some reason.


Show Notes

Articles from The BBC and The Telegraph about the Fake Dutch Moon Rock

A Wkikipedia Article called “Stolen and Missing Moon Rocks”

Photo of Prince Bernhard and J. Middendorf with an actual Moon Rock on loan from NASA

United States v. One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material

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