#25: Space Piracy

Pirates and piracy have been a problem for nearly as long as humans have been putting valuable things on boats. We examine the history of how nations and the international community have attempted to police and outlaw piracy, and how these laws and customs might apply to the hijacking of a spacecraft.


Show Notes

International Law in Crisis: Seeking the Best Prosecution Model for Somali Pirates (PDF)

Definition of Aircraft Piracy

Procedure to Recommend the Death Penalty in an Aircraft Piracy case

Prosecuting Pirates (In the U.S.) May Not Be Easy

“Hostis humani generis” (Latin for Enemy of Mankind)

One thought on “#25: Space Piracy

  1. How would space piracy play out in a world where the pirates are earthlings? Obviously if the pirates were aliens the piracy might be minor annoyance compared to the advanced extra-terrestrial tech and their possible ability to conquer the earth. But, if Mr. Jones from, say, Indiana and his cronies become a astronauts for the US and go rogue on the ISS and commandeer the space station declaring it a sovereign world under Mr. Jones command. What happens? Are they pirates? Who has to police the take over?

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