#2: Buran Shuttle Program / The Lost Treasure of the Nuestra Senora De Las Mercedes

The Soviet Union had a space program. But space ships don’t just disappear after the space program is cancelled. Kris retells the life and times of two Buran ships and how companies kept failing to actually own a spaceship. Alan then explains how salvaging satellites would potentially work in space by comparing it to the salvage of a giant treasure trove of Spanish silver and gold.


Show Notes

Alex Parker’s Twitter Thread about the Micrometeoroid impacting the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Fran Blanche’s YouTube Channel and DSKY Display GoFundMe

Photos of Buran-Energia and other Buran test vehicles

Wikipedia Article about the OK-GLI Buran Analog

Buran Shuttle Exhibit at Technic Museum Speyer

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