#55: Hayabusa2 and other Asteroid Sample Return Missions

Did you know there’s not just one, but two satellites currently on approach to two different near earth asteroids, and both of them are on a mission to collect and return samples of the surface of the asteroids back to earth.

This week we’re discussing one of them, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Hayabusa2 and its predecessor Hayabusa


Show Notes

Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa2”
Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) – Design, Development and Delivery of Small Asteroid Lander aboard Hayabusa2
Small Carry-on Impactor: Its Scientific Purpose, Operation, and Observation Plan (PDF)
Landing Site on Asteroid Ryugu Chosen for Japan’s Hayabusa2 Mission
Candidates for landing sites for the Hayabusa2 Mission (PDF)
Asteroid Explorer “HAYABUSA” (MUSES-C)
Hayabusa: Troubled Sample-Return Mission
Hayabusa’s Return Journey to Earth The Final Stage > Anxiously Awaiting the Fruits of Our Labor
How were they formed?: Submicrometer craters in samples returned from the asteroid Itokawa
MINERVA rover which became a small artifical solar satellite (PDF)
BB-8 Version 3 – XRobots.co.uk

This Episode of Moon Law was edited by Stephen Staver

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