#60: First United Nations Conference on Space Law and Policy

The United Nations recently held their first ever Conference on Space Law and Policy. Alan goes through the various areas of policy that were discussed and what goals they have in mind for the next generation of space law.
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#59: #DearMoon / BFR 2018

Last week, SpaceX announced that they have booked a passenger for a trip around the moon, in the new and improved design of the BFR. The passenger is that Yusaku Maezawa, and he will select 6-8 artists from around the world to join him.
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#58: White-Collar Crime

You often hear about white collar crime in the media, but what does it actually mean? Alan explains what types of crimes are considered ‘white collar’, and how that impacts the prosecution and defense of such crimes.
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#57: Moon News: #SaveOppy

This week we’ve got stories about Swarm Technologies’s SpaceBees, plugging a hole in the ISS with your thumb, and NASA’s deadline for opportunity to wake up.
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#56: Africa in Space

This week we’re shifting our focus away from Russia and The United States and instead talking about the growing space programs across the African content.
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#55: Hayabusa2 and other Asteroid Sample Return Missions

Did you know there’s not just one, but two satellites currently on approach to two different near earth asteroids, and both of them are on a mission to collect and return samples of the surface of the asteroids back to earth.

This week we’re discussing one of them, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Hayabusa2 and its predecessor Hayabusa
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#54: The Twinkie Defense

What makes a killing a murder? Alan walks us through mens rea – Latin for “a guilty mind”, a legal term of art referring to a defendant’s intent to commit a crime.
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#53: Fuzzy Contracts

Alan shares some of his favorite bizarre cases that illustrate important principals of contract law.

This Episode of Moon Law was edited by Stephen Staver

#52: Moon News: August 2018

Our stories this week: The Space Frontier Act, The James Webb Space Telescope experiences further delays, NASA announces Commercial Crew Astronauts, Water On Mars, Again!
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#51: Strategic Defense Initiative

The Strategic Defense Initiative, often called “Star Wars” in the media, was a proposed space-based anti missile system. Although it was never built, it was a source of international tension during the cold war, and may not have been legal under the Outer Space treaty.


Show Notes

The law we reference near the end of the episode is actually called the SPACE Act of 2015
“Star Wars” Versus Star Laws: Does SDI Conform to Outer Space Law?
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
Strategic and Political Aspects of the Strategic Defense Initiative: A Soviet Viewpoint

This Episode of Moon Law was edited by Stephen Staver